Thursday, February 4, 2016

Identity Is Love

Streaming River is attractive
Identity of that river
Is cold..

Blooming flower is pleasant
Identity of that flower
Is fresh...

Rising moon is bewitching
Identity of that moon
Is mild..    

Lovely mother is Great
Identity of That mother
Is Love.. 

- nuwan- 
this is written for poets united
photo credit - clik


  1. The title and cyclic ending causes much power...I like your approach of journeying into the identity of different aspects in nature.

  2. Beautiful. I think a mother can really impart in a young person a sense of identity. I enjoyed your other comparisons as well.

  3. you've wonderfully captivated the essence of river, flower, moon and mother hood...

  4. Lovely the way this poem flows like the river with many sources of identity and value.